Mail Service

We provide you with flexible access to your mail and calendar service. With us, you can access your mail and calendar not only via Notes, but also via the browser and, if required, from all your mobile devices. This is done via an app that is available for all relevant mobile operating systems.

App Hosting

Also included in our offer is the hosting of your applications on our servers, with guaranteed access via Notes and (depending on the application) browser around the clock. The basic rate includes applications up to a size of 50 GB per application, although larger applications are of course also possible.

Antivirus & Spam

To ensure your undisturbed use of Domino, we protect your mail and calendar service as well as your applications hosted by us from viruses and spam, using market-leading solutions.


We take on the licensing of your Notes users for you, meaning the license costs are included in our service. This way we ensure you a smooth and flexible use of the platform.


To protect the confidentiality of your data, all data traffic between you and our servers is secured. We use SSL for web and mobile, and built-in encryption for Notes access.

Data Protection

In Switzerland, not only your money is in good hands but also your data. For this reason, all our systems are located in state of the art data centers in Switzerland. This way we can guarantee you complete data security.


Optionally, you can obtain a mobile device management service from us for the secure management of your mobile devices. This allows you to increase the security of your devices, for example by enforcing a password or preventing certain activities on the device.